• Aug 06, 2022


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    With the main theme of ” Leading The Way To The Future”, Ban Vien aims to create a playground where BVer can totally relax after long hours working and sharing joyful activities with their colleagues. We embrace the ” work hard – play hard ” spirit so that innovative thinking is always growing on the way to the future.

    A 3 days and 2 nights trip soaking in the sun and wind of Nha Trang has left us with lots of emotions to cherish.  For the first time, more than 400 members of Ban Vien from different regions of Vietnam, after a long pause since the pandemic, united in the beautiful land, together sharing moments of solidarity and a cheerful vibe over Team building activities, on a vibrant stage with lots of closed bonding. All that has made an unforgettable Ban Vien 2022 trip.


    After a heated warm-up, all Ban Vien crew were full of energy to roll in the most challenging games and couldn’t hide their ultimate determination to be the winner claiming victory for their team.

    Let’s kick off with BVers

     Everyone is very happy after hard work



    Ending with the exciting team-building activities on the beach, BVers spent time putting on the most outstanding outfits and attended the Gala Dinner, held at Champa Island Nha Trang.

    Mr. Vincent Nguyen (CEO & Founder) with his inspiring speech, highlighted the vision of Ban Vien’s future and marked an opening of an unforgettable Gala Dinner the last Saturday night.

    BVers were amazed by many entertaining, well-prepared performances on stage. Each of them was meticulously curated by our “astronauts” who are fueled with dynamism and determination. The judges had to consider back and forth choosing the winner of the night as all of them are beyond amazing.

    Not only bring creativity and diversification to BVers, but the musical performances also indirectly help Ban Vien find a lot of hidden talents.

    Ending Company Trip 2022 with many memories, we thank you for the enthusiasm of BVers members on the journey “Leading The Way To The Future”. The presence of all BVers is truly a source of motivation for Ban Vien to continue to grow stronger in the journey to bring the BV Spaceship to the final point of innovation in the future.