• Expired Date: 07/15/2020
    Virtual Platform Modeling Engineer
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    Location: Ho Chi Minh
    Salary: Competitive
    English, Vietnamese

    I/ Introduction

    We, Ban Vien Company Limited – are Trusted Technology Partner in Software Development & Embedded System development, have been providing the full scope of IT services for 9 years in Automotive (Chip Driver Development), Education (K-12 LMS Platform, Professional e-Training Platform), e-Commerce (Customer Development & Sales Development) for FMCG industry, Banking & Finance, Insurance.

    You will earn new skills through on-the-job training, coaching, mentoring or in-house courses. The purpose of internal training is to create a self-motivated, skilful and effective workforce to achieve the company goals.

    We are looking for energetic candidates with an overwhelming desire to succeed to join our team and together to write the next chapter of our story.

    II/ Job Description 

    As a Virtual Platform Development Engineer, you will work in a team following CMMI based process to develop SystemC component models for Intellectual Property (IP) blocks based specifications and develop/execute the unit test for component models as per specification on a simulation platform.

    • Derive functional requirements from IP specification
    • Conduct high and low-level design
    • Implement code from design
    • Validate implemented module from unit to unit integrated level

    III/ Requirements

    We are looking for candidates with 2+ years of experience in area of embedded software development.

    Minimum requirements:

    • Bachelor Degree or above in Information Technology/ Computer science/ Telecoms/ Electronics
    • Intermediate level of C/C++ programming and Object-Oriented Programming
    • Capable of reading and understanding the Microcontroller Unit (MCU) hardware manual
    • Fluent in both written and spoken English

    Preferred qualification:

    • Experience in MCU peripherals, communication protocol (e.g., I2C, SPI, UART, etc.), Real-Time OS, virtual platform development
    • Have knowledge of scripting languages (e.g., Python, Perl, Unix Shell scripts, etc.)
    • Have knowledge of hardware description language (e.g., Verilog, VHDL, SystemC, etc.)
    • Used to work with source version control (e.g., GIT, SVN, CVS, etc.)
    • Familiar with the software development process
    • Have a good team working and good relationship with the others
    • Able to work well under pressure and independently

    IV/ Company Benefit

    • Bonus structure + 13th month Bonus.
    • Pass probation Bonus.
    • Premium healthcare insurance benefits.
    • Flexible working time: only 8 hours required as continual working-time at the office.
    • 12 days Annual leave.
    • Onsite opportunities: possible placement in United State, Singapore and Japan.
    • Quarterly Performance Assessment & Profile Capturing.
    • Professional and Personal Development Training Programs.
    • 4 Stars standard company trip in summer and a big annual Year-End-Party.
    • Coffee and snacks provided.
    • Holiday celebrations and parties for team members and family.
    • Fitness, support and team building activities.